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The New Mount Nebo Baptist Church (affectionately known as "The Mount") was established in April of 1961 by a group of 10

who felt the need for a spiritual revival after holding a series of prayer meetings. From Kentucky Avenue to Quire Avenue to 7501 Walker Mill Drive, NMNBC has remained committed to it's mission of trusting and believing in God's word, relying on the collective strength of our congregation -- together we commission our works to be counted on by the community, those in need, and anyone we come across in the valley of life. We are God's people striving to reach our highest potential by

forgetting about ourselves and concentrating on Jesus.


The Vision. To be Christ-lead and spirit- filled, building living testimonies who will 

pray and sing with the realness that resonates to the core of our souls.


We are family. An army of disciples who love each other as Christ loves us. We are unified through prayer and worship. We are committed to making it up this road together through fellowship, faith and abiding by God's holy word.


A church with a welcome. Our community is centered on oneness and we are bonded by our dedication to the advancement of the kingdom of our Savior. We seek to uplift and encourage everyone who walks through our church doors.


At THE MOUNT you can find your place, discover and build your faith. Our commitment to God has allowed us to continue to worship through this pandemic by utilizing Zoom and Facebook Live and hosting drive-thru service events. Come join us at The Mount! Click HERE for a listing of our upcoming services & events.

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