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At THE MOUNT we thrive when we come together - as one body - to follow the path that God has for us. At THE MOUNT, there are no big or small members. We each embody talents that will help us fulfill the mission and vision of our church. With a welcome and with open arms, we encourage you to join us in worship, fellowship and within our ministry.

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Changes in technology have allowed the Computer Support Ministry to expand the services it provides to the church. This ministry does flyers, electronic communications by way of email, texting, Facebook, banners, program booklets and visual aid materials to keep everyone informed. It is the goal of the Computer Ministry to resume the computer classes for our church members and community that was started in 2007.

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Flower Club

Our church pulpit is kept beautiful with flowers during all seasons and occasions by the Flower Club. This group, though small in number, decorates the Fellowship Hall and classroom dining room tables with beautiful arrangements where delicious meals are served.

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History Ministry

The duties of the History Ministry are as follows: Compile the comprehensive history of our church; keep the history current and easy to read; submit a current copy, yearly, to be included in the church records and communicate with other auxiliaries of the church for history making events during the year.

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Men's Ministry

Established in 1990, the Men’s Ministry oversees the general up keep of the church and assists wherever needed. You may see our men trimming trees, removing trash, putting up siding, replacing lighting, putting up banners and much, much more. Our New Mount Nebo Baptist Men are the greatest.

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Missionary Society

The Missionary Society is a ceaseless demonstration of God’s love in action as represented in acts of brotherhood, witnessing, kindness and service to the bodies and souls of mankind. Our society’s focus is to reach into our community by helping the less fortunate who are broken hearted and need help. We tell of God’s love and his goodness and how He promised to bless us when He said, “If you ask anything in My Name I will do it”.

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New Members Auxiliary

This auxiliary, established in January 1991, made sure the objectives were in accordance with the Baptist beliefs. The objectives are: to make new members of our church feel welcomed; to encourage each new member to get involved in the fine Christian work of the church; to support new members during Baptism and receiving the Right Hand of Fellowship; to encourage new members to attend Church School Classes on Wednesday nights; to set up a chairperson to keep in touch with new members as our church grows. This organization continues to encourage new and any concerned members to attend meetings; get involved in sharing ideas to make this auxiliary supportive and useful to all.

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Nurses Ministry

Oh! You are chilly or do not feel well, Who do you call? No one other than a member of the Nurses Ministry! The duties of the Nurses Ministry is: to see that adequate emergency medical supplies and equipment are provided and available; to be prepared as much as possible to give first aid treatment when needed; to schedule at least one CPR class yearly and to keep the church informed of available Health Services. The nurses have made a commitment to have at least one nurse on duty at each service and to accompany our pastor on preaching engagements.

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Pastor’s Aide Club

This auxiliary was established to see to the needs of our pastor and to show him love and appreciation for the many sacrifices and services he provides to God, the church family and the community. This auxiliary, also serves and honors our beautiful First Lady.

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Senior/Junior Usher Board

The cheerful smiling faces you see as you enter our church doors is that of our faithful and serving ushers. This auxiliary greets saints into the House of God. They want you to feel comfortable and welcomed enough to receive the Word from the Lord. The Usher Board members assist our pastor and congregation as needed. Do you need a program, directions, to send a message or need a fan? The ushers are at your service.

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Stay In Touch Ministry

If you miss more than three Sunday Church Services the STAY IN TOUCH MINISTRY will contact you. This ministry’s purpose is to do good deeds, and to be kind to those members who are sick and shut-in by calling, sending flowers or thinking of you cards. They stay connected to the pastor and Missionary Society.

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Willing Workers

This auxiliary of the church was established in 1974. After forty years of service they are still willing to supply services in various areas of the church wherever needed. Just a bird’s eye view of some of the services they supply: helping the hospitality committee prepare and serve meals; delivering meals to our sick and shut-in and elders, cleaning of the church, visiting the sick, transporting our elders to doctor’s appointments and so much more.

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Youth Ministry

The New Mount Nebo Youth and Young Adult Ministry is a ministry whose primary purpose is to actively engage and build positive, respectful and dedicated youth who are mindful of their responsibility to family, community and the world in which they live.  Our goal is to help the youth develop spiritually, physically and educationally through bible study and academic development.

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